It’s bigger than ever before!

Prove to the world that you’re Colombo’s hottest new sound.


Onstage is TNL Radio’s flagship event and has been the launchpad for many Sri Lankan powerhouse performers.
We started Onstage in 1999 and since then, it has been the biggest event to bring the best local talent to one stage.
We also plan to make this the biggest Onstage ever with the launch of the Onstage Festival! We’ll give you more details about the Festival soon.



Who can compete?
The competition will be open to bands, vocal groups and soloists of all genres and styles.

When will Onstage begin and for how long will it run?
TNL Onstage 2018 will take place from August to October 2018, so keep your calendar free.

What’s the minimum age to apply?
Anyone who is at least 16 years old can apply, but not that if you are under 18, you will need parental approval. There is no upper age limit for participants

Which division should I enter?
You can enter as a soloist or a band. Any group of 2 – 9 people will be considered as a band.

What should my demo include?
Your demo can include either original music or covers
The recording doesn't need to be of professional quality as long as every instrument can be heard clearly
Soloists and Groups can use a backing track, sing a cappella, play an instrument yourselves, or
have someone play for you for the demo; however, if selected you will not permitted to do this at the live shows- Soloists must back themselves, or be backed by the TNL Onstage band.

I have more questions
Talk to our resident Onstage Guide Revon on or 0117777555.
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