Band Knockout Rounds - Review

It was a packed Which Way West that played host to the TNL Onstage 2016 Band Knockout Round which featured the 6 best bands fighting for their spot at the finals.

V3, Mainstream, Kingdom Life, Farenheight, Scintillate and South West Jam definitely entertained the crowd with their own brand of music and the fans were treated to a special surprise performance at the end. Read on to see pictures and video from the event.

Mainstream kicked off the event with some groovy tracks by DNCE and Magic, “Cake by the Ocean” and “Red Dress”. The band worked well together and definitely had some toes tapping and heads bobbing with their repertoire. Kudos on the top notes!

Farenheight was up next, covering Pink’s smash hit “So What”, with just the right amount of attitude, and they topped off that performance with some energetic Punk Rock from the 2000’s with Bowling for Soup’s “Girl all the Bad Guys Want”.

Injecting a classic Adele track, “Rolling in the Deep” with their signature rock style, V3 got the ball rolling and followed up with “Family Tree” by Kings of Leon. With amazing harmony, this trio certainly rocked it and proved that less is more.

All girl acapella group Scintillate started their set with a rendition of The Mamma’s and Pappa’s hit “California Dreamin’” before making the crowd go berserk with a medley of hits that included many Sia tracks. Complicated harmonies along with a fantastic beatboxer made their set a memorable one.

South West Jam treated the crowd to an original titled “Angels Speaking” which showed off their creativity before making the crowd go wild with the familiar riff of “Smoke on the Water” which showcased great vocals and a band that was totally in sync in their rock delivery.

Kingdom Life rounded off the contestants with two originals titled “In the Name Of” and “God is not Dead”. Their rock and rap combination was a surefire crowd pleaser and they certainly enjoyed themselves immensely on stage, with a massive 8 member ensemble.

The encore round was fiercely battled between fans of South West Jam and Kingdom Life before a resounding cheer sealed the win for Kingdom Life who gave the fans another dose of their rap / rock combination.

There was more to the evening as the judges for this round set up an impromptu jam session for some excited fans. Running through a chilled out Bob Marley track along with “No Diggity” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, Dave, Shamin and Shivy, gave the crowd a rare experience with a brilliant performance.

The Solo Knockout Round will be happening on the 13th of August at Which Way West from 7 PM.