TNL Spinoff - The Final

Event Preview

Who will be the champion at flipping beats and dropping the bass? Find out at the Finals of TNL Spinoff! It all goes down on the 20th of August at Which Way West from 8 PM. The Electronic DJs going head to head are Nige, NJ, Pubudu and Wasu while the Commercial category will see DJ Shehan, Glitch,Lakshan and Neco battling it out for the top spot. 

Headlining the event are Dj Rami and DJ Hiranya, Spinoff Alumni who will be keeping the party going until the break of dawn. We'll see you there!

Event Review

The Finals of TNL Spinoff 2016 was party central as 8 contestants showed off their skills in the Commercial and Electronic Categories. Which Way West played host to the battle of the DJs which went on into the wee hours of the morning. 

First up in the Commercial Category was DJ Shehan who got everyone grooving with the A-Team theme song and showed off his amazing scratch skills. Throwbacks to well loved hits such as “Jamboree” really got the crowd going. 

Glitch started his set with a banger of a track “Tipsy” before moving into some classic 50 Cent and even some Rock hits that had everyone singing along. 

Lakshan gave his set a local flavour with a remix of a traditional wannama and went on to mix more oriental beats with the likes of “Hot Steppah” before playing some 80’s synth pop. 

Neco was totally old school with Hip Hop and Rn’B reminding many in the crowd of a classic house party. His scratch skills were phenomenal while playing the likes of Snoop Dogg and even Eve. 

NJ presented a super smooth set as he kicked off the Electronic Category. He definitely had the crowd moving and singing along while he himself had a blast on stage with all that dancing. 

Pubudu showed off his great Darth Vader voice as he introduced himself and he was all about funk grooves that sampled some popular local viral videos as well. 

Nidge presented a set that blended Deep House with Tech House overtones that realised in a laid back vibe that stood out. His Funk/ Jazz combo was an intriguing mix. 

Rounding off the Electronic Category was Wasu whose high energy set picked up the pace and got everyone dancing. Yet he remained ultra focused and delivered a great set that was a super end to the Finals of TNL Spinoff 2016.

The Commercial Category was won by Neco and the Runner Up was awarded to Lakshan. The Electronic Category winner was Pubudu and Nidge was announced as the Runner Up.